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Subject: resend setting in config
From: "Bruce Scharlau" <bruce @ scharlau . co . uk>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 06:37:24 +0100
To: <majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM>
Reply-to: "Bruce Scharlau" <bruce @ scharlau . co . uk>

Hello all,

I'm a new list owner and am having trouble setting up the footers for a
I've checked the archive and found I need to set up the list for resend to
get the footers to work, but can't find an example of the  value I need to
put in the config file. I've messed around with various things and they come
back "new config approved" but still no footers.
So, what sort of value should here?
# resend_host          [word] (undef) <resend>
# The host name that is appended to all address strings specified
# for resend.
resend_host         =

Is it merely the name of the list or the machine hosting ?
Or do I have to have the majordomo provider (I'm renting the list space from
an ISP) change something for me?
A simple example should suffice. Thanks in advance.


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