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(July 2000)

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Subject: Re: file attachments, bouncing and approvals
From: Ron Fial <ron @ fial . com>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 18:19:12 -0700
To: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM

If what you want is Never to have MIME sent to the list, then install 'demime' and set up majordomo.aliases to pipe incomming mail through demime.  I tried the taboo header type reject, but the volume of mail with attchments made it too much trouble.  Demime can strip out all jpegs, gifs, etc. which look like so much garbage in the digest, and it can convert HTML encoded email into plain-text, throwing away the tables, horizintal lines, etc.

I downloaded and installed the demime   tar.gz  on my RedHat6.0 system.
 I also got (from CPAN) the required modules for MIME-Base64, libwww, and libnet, and installed in the proper order (very important).
  I ran the h2ph utility in /usr/include (as root) to build the perl header files and  put in the proper aliases in majordomo.aliases, and presto, no more mime, jpegs, gifs, etc. on the list an no more bother for me!
 Important:   Proper command line for h2ph is:   h2ph  *   sys/* 
 I am impressed with demime.  Demime also has a special file that can be used to take out the trailers that,, etc. put on the end of email messages.  

I now run  majordomo 1.94.4, demime, bulk_mailer, and majorcool.
I could never have figured it all out without the 8 months of messages I have saved from the majordomo users list -- and a big Thank You to Dan Liston too.

  Next, I am looking for a good web-based mail reader for my subscribers.

Regards,  Ron Fial
Ian Douglas wrote:
>I maintain two lists, both of which I trap file attachments with
>Problem is, when it bounces to my attention, the file attachment stays
>MIME-encoded .....snip

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