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Subject: Re: list delivery problem
From: Dan Liston <dliston @ netscape . com>
Organization: iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, A Sun Netscape Alliance
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 01:21:52 -0500
To: "Coleman Jay - A-2" <jgcoleman @ bpa . gov>
Cc: "'Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM'" <Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM>
References: <>

Hopefully you used the -p argument when you tarred/untarred the directory.
This will save the permisstions on the files so that they don't all belong
to root on the destination directory.

Another thing to consider since your system is new, is that all directories
leading to the majordomo directory have group writing disabled, and that 
your majordomo UID and GID are the same on both the old and new systems, or
you will have to rebuild/compile the wrapper to match the new UID.GID on
the new system.

Dan Liston

"Coleman, Jay - A-2" wrote:
> I'm using:
> Solaris     2.6
> majordomo   1.94.4
> sendmail    8.9.3
> perl        5.005_03
> I have a working majordomo version 1.94 on a SunOS system.  I am trying to
> replace the system with a Solaris 2.6 system.  I did the following.
> Installed majordomo 1.94.4 fresh on the new system.
> Moved the /etc/aliases  to /etc/mail/aliases and ran newaliases.
> Tarred up /usr/local/mail and untarred it on the new system.  This was all
> of the directories for the digest and archives.
> Tarred up /usr/local/majordomo/lists and untarred it on the new system.  I
> moved all of the list config files to a subdirectory and created new config
> files with the "lists" command. Ran diff on the old and new config files to
> resolve any special's that were in the original files.
> Compared the old and new majordomo.config files to get any specials that
> might have been in the old file.
> mailed to the "test3", "test4", and "test5" lists with a test message (there
> wasn't a test1 or test2 setup on the original system).  The /var/log/syslog
> shows the message coming in, then delivered to resend.  It gets appended to
> the archive and digest files, but the message isn't delivered to the members
> of the list.
> I set the DEBUG=1 option in majordomo.config and looked at the resend.debug
> file, but there weren't any apparent problems.  The last line of the file
> was:
> -------------------------------------
> /usr/local/majordomo-1.94.4/resend: $sendmail_cmd is /usr/lib/sendmail -oi
> -oee test4-outgoing
> -------------------------------------
> The aliases for test4 are:
> -------------------------------------
> test4:  "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper resend -l test4 -h
> test4-outgoing"
> test4-digest:   test4
> test4-outgoing: :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/test4,
>         "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper digest -r -C -l test4-digest
> test4-digest-outgoing",
>         "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper -a -m -f
> /usr/local/mail/archive/test4/test4.archive"
> test4-digest-outgoing:  :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/test4-digest
> owner-test4:
> owner-test4-outgoing:   owner-test4
> owner-test4-digest:     owner-test4
> owner-test4-digest-outgoing:    owner-test4
> test4-request:  "/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper request-answer test4"
> test4-digest-request:   "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper request-answer
> test4-digest"
> test4-approval:
> test4-digest-approval:  test4-approval
> -------------------------------------
> wrapper has the following permissions:
> -rwsrwsr-x   1 root     daemon     27404 Mar  6 13:05 wrapper
> The rest of the files are owned by majordom:daemon
> The config-test gives no errors.
> test4 list consists of:
> Both daemon and majordom are in the as "Tdaemon"  and
> "Tmajordom".
> I tried setting the debug flag to "yes" on the list config file once and the
> message was appended to resend.debug.  The message wasn't delivered to the
> list members in that case either, but then that was the expected result with
> the debug flag set.
> So does anyone know what I missed ? Why the silent failure (no apparent
> error message) to deliver to the members of the list ?
>   --  Jay Coleman

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