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(January 2001)

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Subject: Re: SPAMMING
From: Daniel Liston <dliston @ netscape . com>
Organization: iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, A Sun Netscape Alliance
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 16:59:26 -0600
To: Panos Adam <padam @ otenet . gr>
Cc: Majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
References: <001f01c07ff0$09162a20$1af6cdd4@1>

> Panos Adam wrote:
> How can I stop spamming messages coming to my list?

I do a few things to "help" prevent this, but nothing is
perfect.  Spammers keep getting smarter, and new ones pop
up all the time.  I will speak to sendmail experience only.

Use your virtusertable feature to make your delivery alias
an "unknown" user.

Make sure sendmail has majordomo listed as a trusted user
so you do net get X-authenication headers in your messages.

Use a name other than -outgoing or -list for your delivery

Use ",nobody" (,anything really) on the end of your delivery
address so sendmail does not announce your outgoing alias in
the headers of messages.

Use a procmail filter to identify that the message is To:
or Cc: the exact address of your list.

Use majordomo's resend tool to enforce settings in your
list's .config file.

Use your listname.config to set restrict_post to only
specific addresses, or the users of the list.

Use the header and body filters of and the
listname.config to catch/bounce known patterns to the
list-owner before they are distributed to the list.

After all the security checks are done, demime the message
before letting majordomo distribute it.  Nothing to do 
with spam really, but since so much spam is coming in HTML
format these days, why not?

Dan Liston

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