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Subject: Re: Looking for solutions
From: Dan Liston <dliston @ netscape . com>
Organization: iPlanet eCommerce Solutions, A Sun|Netscape Alliance
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 19:01:13 -0500
To: jacks @ sage-american . com, Majordomo Users <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
References: <> <>

I did "assUme" that you are running majordomo-1.94.5 when I sent my previous
response.  I am still making that assumption, and that your sendmail is at
least version 8.9.3 or higher.

Did you look at the first paragraph of text in the script?  It
also allows you to do daily, monthly, or yearly archives. is 
just a newer version of
# archive -f <archive> {-u|-a} [-d|-m|-y] [file ...]
#       -f <archive> REQUIRED; specifies base file name for archive
#       -u      Input is a UNIX archive (separated by "From " lines) to split
#       -a      Input is a message to append to archive
#       -d      Archive file is <archive>.YYMMDD
#       -D      Archive file is <archive>.YYYYMMDD
#       -m      Archive file is <archive>.YYMM
#       -M      Archive file is <archive>.YYYYMM
#       -y      Archive file is <archive>.YY
#       -Y      Archive file is <archive>.YYYY
# Exactly one of "-u" or "-a" must be specified.
# At most one of "-d", "-D", "-m", "-M", "-y", or "-Y" may be specified;
# if none is specified, archive name is simply <archive>
The key here, is that you are also allowed to use alternate 
files.  The -C /path/to/ is undocumented except in the perl 
code itself, and must be the very first argument to the command.

Neither of the archive tools will "send" messages out, but only create
the file with contents of that day's messages, and give the filename an
extension that indicates the period of time in it's content.

What it really sounds like your end goal is though, is to create a daily
digest of messages and send those out rather than creating an archive.
Setting up a -digest of your list requires additional aliases, and a 
listname-digest.config file (which purges received lines) for each list.  
A daily cron job can send a command to majordomo to "force" a digest to 
be compiled and sent out.  Just be careful NOT to run this cron as root
or majordomo.

Dan Liston wrote:
> Dan: Thanks for the suggestion, but if my understanding of is
> that it accumulates each incoming message into a monthly archive. My
> workaround accumulates all of the messages for a single day into a holding
> file. I was hoping to use the "" tool rather than the
> to next take the day's file containing all of the messages (in the order
> received) and remove the "white noise" or all of the extra headers.
> indicates that it will do the following:
> #Here is a perl program I wrote to keep mailing list archives.
> #It is designed to produce list archive files similar to Revised
> #Listserv.  Each message is separated by a line of "==="s and
> #most of the header "noise" is gone.  Instead of being stored
> #in one big file, they are split into one file per month with
> #the name logYYMM where YY and MM are the numeric year and
> #month.
> #
> #I call it from /usr/lib/aliases using:
> #
> #  listname-archive:    "|/usr/local/mail/majordomo/wrapper \
> #               /usr/local/mail/lists/listname.archive"
> #
> #Where the last parameter is the directory name to put the
> #log files into.
> I thought the script could be applied to a DAY'S list of messages and then
> sent out stripped as described above. I would still need to deal with the
> file name problem and change it to a day "logDDMMYY" instead of a month
> "logYYMM"... then mail it out at midnight to the digest list....
> I don't have "root" permission, so I have some limits at the level of admin
> for my dedicated server....
> Any more thoughts would be appreciated. I've seen many of your other
> suggestions and you seem very willing and able on this stuff.... thanks!
> At 03:47 AM 6.6.2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >try using "-C /path/to/" as the first argument to
> >
> >Dan Liston
> >
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> My sendmail is modified to recognize different vhost aliases and there is
> >> a for each domain. The archive script seems to want the main
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> Best regards,
> Jack L. Stone,
> Administrator
> Sage-American

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