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Subject: Re: newbie question, throttling
From: dliston @ netscape . com (Dan Liston)
Organization: Netscape Communications Corp.
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:38:18 -0600
To: djohnston @ rentokil . com
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
References: <3C06464B.17279.1388D84@localhost>

This sounds like you would be using a captive (closed) list.  You
may want to consider departmentalizing your subscribers and creating
lists of lists.  I am not sure of any reasons to break down your
1000 employees into groups of 100 or even rotating those 100 into
different delivery days though.

Dan Liston wrote:
> Hi majordomo experts and everyone else :)
> Sorry if this is an over-asked or pointless question:
> I'm evaluating majordomo at work, on our new Postfix mail server
> running under Redhat 7.1. I've installed it, and am quite happy that
> everything seems to be working the way it should do.
> Part of my evaluation will be considering if we could use
> majordomo for mailouts to internal lists of, say, 1000 employees
> (branch managers etc). I'd like to know whether anyone has any
> thoughts towards throttling majordomo so it only sends out 100
> mails one day then 100 the next and so on... I can think of ways to
> do this myself using cron jobs and breaking the lists down into
> smaller lists perhaps. But is there any add ons or 'plugins' already
> out there?
> Obviously; such an add-on might allow people to abuse majordomo
> for sending unsolicitated 'spam' mail; so I could quite understand if
> there were deliberately no attempts to develop anything like that.
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> Daniel Johnston
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