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Subject: Re: create a report of undeliverable mails
From: Frank Bax <fbax @ sympatico . ca>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:34:11 -0500
To: "Mohler, Jeff" <jeff . mohler @ netapp . com>
Cc: Helpdesk <helpdeskmail @ yahoo . it>, majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <>

Sorry, momentarily forgot the golden rule:  "Given enough time and money
programmers can build any system".

Now, let's be realistic.  I have a mailing list with almost 5,000 email
addresses on it.  It takes a couple of hours for the lowly P2-233 to get
our monthly message out.  After that it takes up to 5 days for all the
bounce messages to come back.  Many messages have been forwarded before
they are bounced, and the 'bounced' reply give no indication of the
original email address.  So, if its acceptable to wait 5 days for a
partially complete report, I suppose it could be built.

Actually, I was thinking the person was looking for such a report WITHOUT
actually doing a mailing to the list.

If you must first send out a mailing to get the information, and then
intercept the bounced messages, I suspect that it would be a better
approach to simply remove the offending email addresses, rather than simply
report them.  I suspect scripts already exist with this in mind.


At 02:14 PM 1/11/02 -0800, Mohler, Jeff wrote:
>Cant do what??
>Sounds like a simple procmail filter to redirect them all, and some form
>of an intelligent grep to strip out the parts of the new spool you
>actually need..and then Email that to yourself as a list of funky Email
>addresses off your list(s).
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Frank Bax []
>Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 2:03 PM
>To: Helpdesk
>Subject: Re: create a report of undeliverable mails
>At 03:39 PM 1/11/02 +0100, Helpdesk  wrote:
>>How can I have a report of all undeliverable e-mail addresses?
>You cannot.  Wouldn't life be so much simpler with such a report?
>Majordomo simply takes a message and sends it back out with many recipients
>(slight over-simplification).  Then your mail delivery program
>(sendmail,etc) takes over.  Majordomo does not find out undeliverable

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