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Subject: Mailman and others...?
From: "albert" <emmanuel @ mwt . net>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 19:00:52 -0500
To: <Majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
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hope ya all don't mind me asking,..

i wonder what list program can deliver like majordomo but is
for use on windows ,.. win NT.


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> At 05:15 PM 3/31/2002 -0700, wrote:
> >I noticed on a new server I'm setting up that Mailman comes standard. Why
> >doesn't majordomo come standard in new Linux distributions? What
> is Mailman
> >and how does it compare?
> Mailman is the GNU list manager.  It's written in Python, and is more
> web-centric than Majordomo, even with Majorcool added -- there are some
> functions that can be performed only by web or shell and not by mail.
> It has replaced Majordomo in many Linux distributions for the same reason
> some have replaced sendmail (aside from any functional issues): it is
> offered under the GPL, not the less "open" license Brent published
> Majordomo under.
> It's definitely more feature-rich and more
> currently-under-development.  When I decided to move beyond
> Majordomo 1 for
> our site, I considered Mailman, but because of my distaste for Python and
> our significant number of subscribers and list-owners who prefer
> to use an
> email-only interface with no web access, I decided to go with
> Majordomo 2,
> a new list manager written from scratch, instead.

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