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Subject: Re: How to send from Majordomo
From: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 03:37:52 -0500
To: Michael Talbot-Wilson <mtw @ birdseye . view . net . au>
Cc: Majordomo Users <Majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
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You are NOT asking sendmail to send to majordomo, that is what happens
when resend is used.

The perl script is calling a shell to cat the contents of your message,
inluding headers into sendmail and telling sendmail to use majordomo-owner
as the "From:" address and include everyone in listnames as the recipient.

If you insist on using resend, you do not want to do it as the majordomo
user or it's owner.  A list member uses resend, majordomo does not.  If
you are sending a monthly message specific to one list, it should go out
from that list-owner, not the majordomo-owner.

Education mode on...  For normal list traffic, sendmail is listening and
ready to receive a message at any time.  When it does come in, tables
and aliases and passwd files are checked to see if the message is to be
delivered locally.  In the case of mail addressed to a majordomo list,
sendmail passes the message through wrapper to resend where the config
file is read and any rules applied to the message.  If everything passes
resend adds some header information, and gives the message back to
sendmail for distribution to all the addresses in the membership file.

To go back and try to do it your way, via root cron,

mail listname@your.domain < /pathto/monthly-message

If your <monthly-message> has the proper From:, Reply-To:, Subject:,
and even an Approved: header, resend will get the message via normal
sendmail processes, parse it, and distribute the message to the list.
(Of course, this assumes your listname: alias is properly setup for
use with resend, and the password in the approved: header is correct.
Everything before the approved: header is stripped off by resend.)

Dan Liston

Michael Talbot-Wilson wrote:
> At 2002-10-12 11:17 -0600, Karl Pearson wrote:
>>system "cat <message> | /usr/sbin/sendmail
>>-fmajordomo-owner\ -oi <listnames>";
> Thanks.
>>And the monthly_email file contains whatever text you want it to. Mine
>>has two header lines, a Subject and a Reply-To line, plus a reminder
> What about Approved?  Majordomo can't send a message to a list with a
> restrict-post.  You are asking sendmail to send to Majordomo, which
> will use resend to send to sendmail.  But you are Majordomo already.
> Why can't you use resend, selecting options to ignore a restrict-post?
>>about my emailgroups main-page, which has links to majorcool and the
>>various forms I've created to make life easier for the group members and
>>for the group owners, such as how to retrieve majordomo help, etc.
> In my book, resend should work.  There would have to be a way of using
> resend or wrapper resend.
> Michael Talbot-Wilson

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