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Subject: Re: MajorCool / other administration tools
From: Georg Stiller <georg . stiller @ aon . at>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 20:20:49 +0200
To: Deb <deb @ tickleme . llnl . gov>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
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Well, the problem is that there aren't just a few lists which should not be
showed to me, but several lists from other customers using the same
server (there are about 10-20 people per server I think) ... so if all their
lists would be set to "noadvertise", only I would be able to use MC.

Is there any software outside there which supports such multi-user-configs?

- Georg

At 18:57 19.10.2002, Deb wrote:
>First of all, Georg, your "provider" is wrong.  MC _can_ be configured
>to not show any lists.  It needs to be configured such that it will
>honor the noadvertise value in the *.config files.  However, if lists
>were not set to noadvertise, then those lists would also be listed.  A
>layered approach is also available.  There is an option (please read the
>MC variable documentation for this, web_access keyword) that can be
>added to the *.config files that a listowner could enable or disable to
>allow/not allow MC to display those lists.
>However, your "provider" would need to do some grunt work to make this
>all work, or you could do the work on your own, then send them a tarball
>of the configuration, including instructions about what to do to make it
>I, myself, have not gotten as far as the above, in my work.  I only know
>that it can be done, given a little effort and understanding of perl and
>how MJ1 works.
>Georg Stiller <> had this to say,
> > Hello,
> >
> > my webprovider has got MajorDomo installed for providing mailing list
> > services.
> > Nothing bad about, I thought. Now I had to set up some mailing lists and I
> > got
> > really annoyed because I had to do everything over e-mail.
> >
> > As I haven't got SSH/Telnet Access, I've asked my provider to install
> > MajorCool
> > on the servers but they said they won't do it as it would make *all*
> > MajorDomo
> > hosted lists visible, not only my ones.
> >
> > So I tried to install MajorCool myself by porting the Configure-script to
> > PERL (which
> > didn't really work)
> >
> > That's the point where I am now ..... I haven't found any other software
> > for administrating
> > MajorDomo lists by now and MajorCool doesn't work ..... is there anybody
> > out there who
> > knows a tool other than MajorCool or who knows how to get MajorCool 
> working
> > without
> > shell access?
> >
> > yours,
> > Georg Stiller
> >
> >
>           There are 010 types of people in the world:
>       those that understand binary, and those that don't.
>  ~

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