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Subject: Re: Problems with Moderated digest list
From: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 21:55:00 -0600
To: "AMAN, ALICE L. (JSC-GT2) (NASA)" <alice . l . aman @ nasa . gov>
Cc: "'majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com'" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
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Let me make sure I have this straight.

You have a list called news which is moderated and offered
to zubscribers only in digest format.  Members of the list
called main are able to post to news, but will not receive
the distributed messages posted to news.  If somebody posts
to main, that moderator will approve/forward to news, which
in turn gets digested without being distributed until the
send is triggered by line count, size, or time.

The problem, is that the name of the sender of the news-digest
(but just called news) is not showing up as owner-news (really
the return address for your robot)?

I think I would take this approach (using standard speak):

main: "|/home/majordomo/wrapper resend -l main main-outgoing,nobody"
main-outgoing: :include:/home/majordomo/lists/main,news
news: "|/home/majordomo/wrapper resend -l news news-digestify,nobody"
news-digestify: "|/home/majordomo/wrapper digest -r -C -l news-digest news-digest-outgoing",
news-digest-outgoing: :include:/home/majordomo/lists/news

This makes main available as a non-digest version of your list
and sends each message to news for digesting.  Any message to
news is digested, but not sent to main.

Dan Liston

AMAN, ALICE L. (JSC-GT2) (NASA) wrote:
  > The main config just has "news" in the config since I chose
  > not to use the "-digest" extension. We needed to "grandfather"
  > in the name "news" since that particular list had existed
  > for probably about 15 years and was in much documentation
  > worldwide. I realize it is conceivable that this might
  > contribute to the problem but changing this is not an option.
  > (Note: remember the "news" list which is digested is working
  > great except the return address is not what we want unless
  > we accept delivery failures being sent to our mail robot
  > address, not good without modifications.)
  > (I've tried to change any names/values below that might be
  > frowned on by my mgt for distributing..hope I haven't made
  > a typo..)
  > ########excerpt from alias file#########
  > #
  > main:        "|/home/majordomo-1.94.5/wrapper resend
  > @/home/majordomo-1.94.5/other/mainlist"
  > somePassword:     :include:/home/majordomo-1.94.5/lists/main, main-digestify
  > owner-main:,
  > main-owner:  owner-main
  > (where ../other/mainlist is a text file that includes the following text:
  > -l main somePassword,nobody)
  > #
  > main-digestify:      "|/home/majordomo-1.94.5/wrapper digest -r -C -l news
  > somepassword2,nobody"
  > news:        main
  > somepassword2:   :include:/home/majordomo-1.94.5/lists/news
  > news-owner:  owner-main
  > owner-news:  owner-main
  > #####################
  > Roger Klorese responded to my question to this list with the following
  > and my testing seems to confirm what he says. The list is emailed via
  > a cgi script which I will include partly below and which I emailed to
  > Roger.
  > <Roger said the following..>
  > "The From: field of the digest itself is set by the digest script.  The
  > From: field of the message in the digest may be set the way you're doing
  > it, but the one on the digest as a whole is the same as the envelope
  > sender for the digest as set in the digest's config."
  > <me talking now...>
  > I'm fairly convinced that no matter how the digest is sent out, the "From:"
  > field will always be what is indicated as the "sender" in the digest config
  > file. As Roger indicates, the individual messages sent to the main list
  > and digest will each have the "from" field that the owner might enter
  > for a mdoerated list in the first few lines of the message (following the
  > Approved: password) but I have tried every permutation of values for
  > "sender" as well as "From" and "reply-to" as well as the
  > sender specified in the cron job that sets this off and "sender"
  > in the list.config file always wins as what appears in the "From" line
  > of the digest message  when the recipient reads it.  The "From" field
  > following "Approved: xxx" on the first line of the contents for the
  > messages to the "main" list works as  advertised but not for the digest,
  > I'm fairly sure.
  >  I'm in the process of modifying the "email robot" address so it
  > will forward any delivery failures
  > back to the owner of the list and still forward other messages the way
  > we have always done it thus allowing us to use only one address
  > instead of the two addresses we used before which were
  > (1.) a  mail robot address in the "From"
  > address and
  > (2.)a different one being the list-owner address for the
  > "sender" address as indicated in the news.config (and main.config)
  > which caused delivery failures to go to the list-owner rather than
  > to the mail robot when we were doing this is non-digested mode.
  > <CGI script snip-->
  > Where $listserver = "main" (or actually something else which I've chosen to
  > rename here for privacy..)
  >   # distribute via the listserver
  >    open (OUTPUT, "|/usr/lib/sendmail \"$listserv\"");
  >    print OUTPUT <<EOM;
  >  Approved: somePassword
  >  Subject: $StatusTitle #$lnumber
  >  From: $systemaccount
  >  To: $listserv
  >  EOM
  >    open (DATA, "<./$lfilename");
  >    while (<DATA>) {
  >      print OUTPUT $_;
  >     }
  >    close OUTPUT;
  >    close DATA;
  > Another suggestion from Roger:
  > wondering if extra carriage return following "EOM" in script
  > might make a difference, I think I tested but I've tested so much
  > I'm not sure. The mail robot is not terribly complicated so I
  > think that may be the path of least resistence.
  > I hope this is enough for you to see. I appreciate your offer of
  > help. Let me know if something seems illogical.
  >  --Alice Aman
  > -----Original Message-----
  > From: Daniel Liston []
  > Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 3:20 AM
  > To: ''
  > Subject: Re: Problems with Moderated digest list
  > end
  > Does your "main" list have news-digest in the main.config for
  > the value of digest_name?
  > Yes ("news" is in the "main.config" file as the digest_name)
  > Do you already have a "news" list
  > that may be causing a conflict with news-digest? No
  > How do you
  > moderate news-digest, if main itself is not moderated? Both main
  > and news are moderated.
  > If users are subscribed to main, but want it digested, what is
  > the name of the file their address is stored in? They won't be
  > subscribed to "main", they will be subscribed to "news".
  > Hardly anyone knows about the existence of "main". It was
  > requested that all users be digested. The name of the file
  > where the 15000 addresses is stored is "major../lists/news".
  > There is no one in "main" except me so I can monitor.
  > I would need to see the aliases for main and news-digest, as
  > well as the config files for eacg, the file, and
  > an 'ls -l' of your lists directory, to fully understand your
  > configuration and determine if you are going about solving
  > your problem in a logical manner.  Sorry, I just have to SEE
  > this one.
  > Dan Liston

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