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Subject: Re: demime
From: Webmaster <webmaster @ vintageairstream . com>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 16:32:57 -0800
To: Deb <deb @ tickleme . llnl . gov>, <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
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I looked into demine, and the list of pre-requisites and mail piping was
rather long - and a pain on my "shared applications" hosted Unix solution.

I instead went with the html-stripper patch to resend:

Still some pre-requisites, but easier to install, even for a weekend code
warrior like me.  I'd give the install a 6, but for others it's probably a
an 8-9.  The operation since has been flawless - all the clueless AOL types
and MS RTFers can post away, and the list sees nothing but good old plain

Best of luck,

On 4/4/03 1:06 PM, "Deb" <> wrote:

> I have heard that some majordomo-owners have installed a program called
> "demime."  I have a few questions about this program:
> 1.  How is demime called?  Part of the alias, or from majordomo, or...?
> 2.  Does majordomo use it to filter all email, which would include
>   email commands to majordomo as well as posts by list members?
> 3.  On a scale of 0-9, 9 being "a piece of cake," was it Easy to Install?
>   - If low on the scale, why?
> 4.  Did it work straight away?  If not, what did it take to get it work?
> 5.  Can the demime program create a plain text message from HTML?
> 6.  Lastly, where would I find a copy of demime?
> Any and all comments are appreciated.  Oh, one more question: is there a
> better program available than demime?

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