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Subject: Re: Problem with "Reply-To" field in config file
From: Kjell Grindalen <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 10:03:54 +0200
To: 'Daniel Liston' <>,Majordomo Users <>

Hi again!

Ok, now I understand what you meant about resend in alias.

I am only using the -l option for list there.

I still have the problem with beeing cut to

What is strange to me is that when I send any email to the lists I have
made, the sender adress is so I am wondering
what code part tries to determine the correct reply-adress ? 

Here is my /etc/mail/aliases file:

majordomo: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"
listserv:  "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"

allstudinfo:	"|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper resend -l allstudinfo
allstudinfo-list:	:include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/allstudinfo

feedback:    "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper resend -l feedback
feedback-list:       :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/feedback


Kjell Grindalen

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Daniel Liston [] 
Sendt: 13. mai 2003 08:30
Til: Majordomo Users
Emne: Re: Problem with "Reply-To" field in config file

References: <71F73F585C22D311890C0008C70952CD0231B8EF@bluemail>
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Is your reply_to still showning up as just instead
of the full  Or did fixing DNS MX records
also fix that problem?

Kjell Grindalen wrote:

 >> Hello! Thank you for many fine questions.
 >> I have sorted out the problem with the MX record for, it
 >> now points to and it looks good now.
 >> I guess mailers mnust have just tried out all the options and defaulted
 >> when everything else failed
 >> For your other questions. The $whereami is set to
 >> And $whoami is listserv\@whereami
 >> I don't know how to use -h switch on resend alias, I am not quite sure
 >> resend alias is, but I do use the resend host operative in the list
 >> file and it is set to

Typical aliases for a majordomo list would look like this;  (I used
to create these lines in the aliases file.)

#test created on 2003/05/12 at 20:57:10 for dliston
test:   "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper resend -l test test-outgoing,nobody"
#  The above is the "resend" alias
owner-test:     dliston,
test-owner:     owner-test
test-outgoing:  :include:/var/lib/majordomo/lists/test,
#test-outgoing: :include:/var/lib/majordomo/lists/test,test-archiver
owner-test-outgoing:    owner-test,
test-request:   "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -l test"
test-approval:  owner-test
test-archiver:  "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper -f
/var/lib/majordomo/archives/test/test -a -M"
test-digestify: "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper digest -r -C -l test-digest
test-digest:    test
owner-test-digest:      owner-test
test-digest-owner:      owner-test
test-digest-outgoing:   :include:/var/lib/majordomo/lists/test-digest,nobody
owner-test-digest-outgoing:     owner-test
test-digest-request:    "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper request-answer test"
test-digest-approval:   owner-test
owner-test-post:        owner-test
#test created on 2003/05/12 at 20:57:10 for dliston

 >> I am pasting my config file below
 >> admin_passwd        =   {removed}
 >> administrivia       =   yes
 >> approve_passwd      =   {removed}
 >> moderate            =   no
 >> moderator           =
 >> resend_host         =
 >> reply_to            =
 >> restrict_post       =	aclemail
 >> subject_prefix      =	[]
 >> subscribe_policy    =   closed
 >> announcements       =   yes
 >> maxlength           =   40000
 >> message_footer      <<  END
 >> Du har fått denne meldingen fordi du har sagt ja til å motta informasjon
 >> og partnere. Dersom du ikke ønsker å motta lignende epost fra
 >> i fremtiden kan du sende en NY epost til:
 >> selve meldingen skriver du: UNSUBSCRIBE $LIST Dersom du ikke får det til
 >> du også svare på denne meldingen. Den vil bli lest manuellt.  Hilsen
 >> END
 >> message_fronter     <<  END
 >> END
 >> message_headers     <<  END
 >> END

The above config file looks like it is stripped down, or from a really
old version of majordomo.  You might consider sending majordomo a
'writeconfig' command, then taking another look at the fully commented
version of the config file.

Dan Liston

 >> -----Opprinnelig melding-----
 >> Fra: Daniel Liston []
 >> Sendt: 9. mai 2003 17:19
 >> Til: Kjell Grindalen
 >> Kopi: ''
 >> Emne: Re: Problem with "Reply-To" field in config file
 >> What do you have majordomo's $wherami set to?
 >> Do you use a -h on the resend alias, or a resend_host in the config
 >> As long as you are not masquerading domains, the should not
 >> matter.  Well, it always matters, but not in this regard.
 >> When I do an "nslookup -type=mx" I get this result;
 >> Server:
 >> Address:
 >> Non-authoritative answer:
 >> *** Can't find No answer
 >> Authoritative answers can be found from:
 >>          origin =
 >>          mail addr =
 >>          serial = 2003050201
 >>          refresh = 7200
 >>          retry = 1800
 >>          expire = 2592000
 >>          minimum = 21600
 >> However, regular nslookups got these;
 >> [root@daniel root]# nslookup
 >> Server:
 >> Address:
 >> Non-authoritative answer:
 >> Name:
 >> Address:
 >> [root@daniel root]# nslookup
 >> Server:
 >> Address:
 >> Non-authoritative answer:
 >> Name:
 >> Address:
 >> Of course, if there is no MX record, sendmail will/should
 >> use the A record address.
 >> Dan Liston
 >> PS.  I BCC'd the feedback address at the sub-domain with this.
 >> Kjell Grindalen wrote:
 >>>> Hello all!
 >>>> I am running Majordomo version 1.94.5 on an Solaris 5.8 box
 >>>> Sendmail version is 8.12.8
 >>>> The FQDN of the host is both A and PTR wise in dns, it
 >>>> has some other names one of them is wich is the
 >>>> that I have set up Majordomo to identify itself as on outgoing mails.
 >>>> has its own MX records in the as a
 >> sub-domain
 >>>> of
 >>>> In my file I have a Dj$w macro that says it should use
 >>>> for official domain
 >>>> My problem is that in my config file I want it to use the email adress
 >>>> When I try sending emails through this list the reply adress is set to
 >>>> and whatever I change the domain part of the email
 >>>> adress to it defaults back to
 >>>> Can anybody help ?
 >>>> Mvh
 >>>> Kjell Grindalen
 >>>> SIO/IT
 >>>> 2259 6863 / 95095311

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