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Subject: Unable to expand a distribution list
From: "Dave Fontaine" <Dfontaine @ capwin . org>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:06:28 -0400
To: <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
Thread-index: AcNKIeIeFyCLgOd0SGmlLPMbhObdXQ==
Thread-topic: Unable to expand a distribution list

Hello all,
Have run into a problem while attempting to make a submission. I can
execute the config, lists, help type commands with no hitches
whatsoever. The error that I am getting is:
**************************** on 7/10/2003 5:40 PM
            Unable to expand a distribution list to deliver the message
to its members.  Try again or contact your system administrator.
            < #5.2.4>

I am running Redhat 8.0, sendmail 8.12.5-7, and Majordomo 1.94.5.
I have done the following to try to correct the problem, but still

I have added 'Tmajordomo' to the and files and
ensured that the Trusted users line was NOT commented out. I have added
majordomo to the trusted-users file in '/etc/mail/'. 

I have verified permissions and ownerships as per section 2.1 of the
Great Circle Majordomo FAQs, 640 for files, 751 for directories and x
bit set for all major scripts - wrapper, resend, etc.  

I have verified that wrapper was installed setuid.

I have run the './wrapper config-test' as a third party user and the
results were 100% positive. Which leads me to believe that this is a
sendmail problem.

PLEASE help, anyone! :)

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