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Subject: Re: Subscription Confirm < PATCH
From: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 23:32:17 -0500
To: "Jack L. Stone" <jacks @ sage-american . com>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
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Hello Jack,

To pair up the confirm alias with a majordomo alias "per domain" as
suggested by Joe, you would need virtusertable and majordomo.aliases
entries.  Something like this;


majordomo.aliases:	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/"	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/"	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/"	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/ -a"	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/ -a"	"|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -C /var/lib/majordomo/ -a"

Dan Liston

Jack L. Stone wrote:

> Hi Dan: We worked together on your MJ list setup scripts.
> I noticed the thread about the patch that will change the subscription
> confirmation. I believe it was developed by Joe R. Jah. This was just what
> I needed to eliminate those who can't deal with the present method of
> open+confirm requiring the long command line that wraps.
> I finally go the patch tweaked so that majordomo is working again on
> Alas, it puts the confirm.keys in the right place, but
> cannot find the right place on confirming. This iw why:
> MAJORDOMO ABORT (mj_majordomo)!!
> Couldn't read key file /usr/local/majordomo/lists/confirm.keys: No such
> file or directory
> /usr/local/majordomo/lists/confirm.keys
> ...really at:
> /usr/local/majordomo/
> You may recognize the above setup for vhosts as being from your script.
> Obviously, the patch doesn't fix things 100%.
> I can get it to confirm if I move the keys file to the place it wants, but
> then the confirmation shows an error that it is subscribed to an unknown list.
> I was wondering if you had tried the patch using the same setup as I have
> and what did you do to tweak it..?? entry in virtusertable...?? and
> where did you put this line in aliases:
> confirm: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -a"
> I put it at the top, then within the vhost list section... nada...!!
> Thanks for any assist...
> BTW, I asked Joe about this, but I don't think he knows how your script
> handles vhost lists, which I believe is the problem here.
> Best regards,
> Jack L. Stone,
> Administrator
> Sage American

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