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Subject: Re: How to make moderator option work?
From: "Charlie Smith" <SmithCW @ ldschurch . org>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:43:23 -0700
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com, dliston @ sonny . org

Yes, listname-approval alias is defined.  I just made the address match the case used in the GW db.
I did this for owner-listname, listname-owner and listname-approval aliases.  Perhaps this will help.
Will also set the moderate = yes.   I've been going back and forth trying to solve two problems here,
one dealing with preventing spam and the other dealing with moderation.  These lists need to be visible from both the internet and internet.   Moderator exists in GW mail system and GW client rus on windows.

Do you have a listname-approval alias defined?  Does it
expand to a valid (deliverable) address?

>>> "Daniel Liston" <> 10/30/03 02:10AM >>>
If your aliases, sendmail, and majordomo are properly
configured, moderation is set in your listname.config
file.  When messages come into "resend" via the alias
for your list, the setting is used to bounce/forward
the message to the address of the moderator for
approval before distributing the message to the members
of the list.  You do not need to use pine to moderate a

Do you have a listname-approval alias defined?  Does it
expand to a valid (deliverable) address?

Dan Liston

Charlie Smith wrote:

> Rob, Where are the lists moderated?  I believe I read somewhere that you
> have to use a UNIX mailer to do moderation - a pine or something or  other
> mailer/client.    I've actually set the moderate flag to yes on one of the
> lists.  One of the members did report that he never got a message the one
> of the other members sent out.  But, I never got the moderation request on
> my GW mail client on my windows box.  (majordomo Server is running UNIX).
> Further testing confirms that members get email returned with delivery
> failure when moderated = yes.  Please help.
>>>> "Rob Reilly" <> 10/29/03 06:12PM >>>
> On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Charlie Smith wrote:
> Charlie hello,
>> Though I've listed myself as moderator on a list, I don't get email for 
>> list moderation and members of list can post to list without any 
>> moderation?  What's going on here?
> You need to set "moderate" to "yes"; given your statement above "moderate" 
> is currently set to "no" thus everyone has unfettered posting privils.
> -Rob- 

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