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Subject: Wholesale blacklisting by AHBL
From: "Ed Gregory" <ed @ gregorynet . net>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 19:33:32 -0600
To: "MajorDomo Administrator, MSER:EX" <Majordomo . Admin @ gems1 . gov . bc . ca>,<Majordomo-Users @ greatcircle . com>
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Has anybody else found their mail servers black-listed by a group calling
itself the AHBL?

A small ISP in some rural podunk is using this outfits' blacklist. When this
AHBL outfit thinks it has found a spammer, they help their ISP customers
intercept income email from the entire 1,000-IP block to which that spammer

For example, my server is and a "known spammer" is

The AHBL service identifies every IP between and
as a spammer. They leave it up to those who are missing legitimate mail, and
the legitimate servers who are erroneously blocked, to come to them and beg
to be taken off the blacklist.

The result is that innocent mailing lists get labeled as spammers and ISP
customers don't get mail from anybody on those erroneously blacklisted

This, to my way of thinking, is flat-out libel. The AHBL and the ISPs who
use this blacklist know that the vast majority of IP addresses in the
blacklisted block are not spammers. Still, they report to ISPs and the ISPs
report to their individual consumers that the mail was blocked because it
came from the address of a known spammer.

My Web hosting clients pay me to provide services, including mailing lists
that reach their customers or members. The AHBL's false accusations have the
very real potential to keep my servers from delivering what my clients are
paying for.

This misguided "service" to ISP customers is actually a serious disservice,
but how to stop it? I can write the same explanatory diatribe to every ISP
who erroneously rejects mail from one of my lists, but that's an
administrative overload. And to set it up would mean going to dozens of
sites and setting up email aliases that send me a copy of every majordomo
admin mail that my clients received.

Anybody else have this nightmare experience with AHBL or anybody like them?

-Ed Gregory
Web Consulting, Design, and Implementation

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