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Subject: Re: Archiving
From: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 16:33:25 -0500
To: robert . isaac @ volvoclub . org . uk
Cc: Majordomo-Users @ greatcircle . com
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Hi Robert,

Let me see if I can help clarify anything for you;

Robert Isaac wrote:
> I'm getting confused now, when sending to the list named 'test' the email
> goes to test-list@... Correct? Not test@...

No!  Mail to test@your.domain goes to the test: alias which expands into
test-outgoing, not test-list.  You can remove test-list from your aliases

> These are in /etc/aliases, is there anything missing or wrong:
> test-list: :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/test

Get rid of test-list. Anyone that writes to this address bypasses
majordomo processing completely.

> owner-test: test-owner

Anyone in the world that writes to owner-test (including sendmail errors)
will be directed to test-owner.  No syntactical or logical errors here.

> test: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper resend -l test test-outgoing,nobody"

This is where you use majordomo's resend script to examine mail destined
to test@your.domain, enforce rules and policies from the test.config file,
and redirect successful output to the test-outoing alias and the nobody
alias.  Majordomo is pretty useless without this one.

> test-owner:,

This can be written do directly from the world, or be redirected from your
owner-test alias.  In turn, this alias redirects mail to a real mailbox and
the comma on the end prevents sendmail from advertising the alias expansion
in the message headers.  This line is OK too.

> test-request: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -l test"

This alias (or the -request part of it) is required by RFC2142 for every
list your domain operates.  The redirection portion of it can be a mailbox,
or a program, as above.  This program acts automatically to add/remove a
user from your "test" list (with the proper message body content of course).

> test-approval:

This alias is used for closed or moderated lists.  This is also the default
address majordomo uses to send notifications unless otherwise defined in
your test.config file.  Any human or program can send mail to this alias
and it will be redirected to the mailbox you have defined.

> test-outgoing:
> :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/test,test-archiver,test-digestify

Here is where life gets interesting.  Mail can be sent to this alias by any
user or program on the internet, as well as redirected to by the test list
alias itself.  Messages arriving at this alias are redistributed to each
address (one per line) of the included file called test, and copies of the
message are also redirected to the test-archiver and test-digestify aliases.
Sendmail users can circumvent some abuse of this address by setting up a
blocking mechanism in their virtusertable.

> test-archiver: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper -f
> /usr/local/majordomo/archives/test/test -a -M"

This is where the archiving process actually takes place.  This alias has
dependencies on $filedir and $filedir_suffix settings in your
file.  The directory that stores the archive must already exist AND have
the proper ownership and permissions for to use it.

> test-digestify: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper digest -r -C -l test-digest
> test-digest-outgoing"

This alias calls the digest program, which has a dependency on $digest_work_dir
in your file, it's existance, ownership, and permissions, and the
variables in your test.config that start with the word digest_*.  IF the
conditions from your test.config file are met, the digest is created from the
messages collected in the $digest_work_dir/<listname> and distributed to your
test-digest-outgoing alias.

> owner-test-digest: test-owner

This alias has the same properties as the owner-test alias.

> test-digest:	test,

This alias catches any mail accidently sent directly to the digest and
redirects it to the primary list name for proper functionality.

> test-digest-owner: test-owner

Same functionality and properties as test-owner.

> test-digest-request: "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -l
> test-digest"

Allows users to sub/unsub from your digest, similar to test-request.

> test-digest-approval: test-approval

Same as test-approval alias.

> test-digest-outgoing:
> :include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/test-digest,nobody" 

This alias is only used if/when conditions defined in test.config
are met regarding bytes, lines, or age of the oldest message in the

The things to check if archiving is not working, since the aliases
appear to be in order, are the locations defined match
and the ownership and permissions allow majordomo to use the defined

Dan Liston

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