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Subject: Re: Non-english character sets and moderated lists
From: Brett Charbeneau <brett @ wrl . org>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 12:39:35 -0400 (EDT)
To: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <>
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On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Daniel Liston wrote:

Hey Dan - thanks for the response!

DL> What have you done to troubleshoot this, ie. identify majordomo as the
DL> problem?

Well, the messages that won't distribute bounce back to the moderator with "Approval required:" errors even though she used the correct format and password for approved messages.
In an attempt to troubleshoot I pared down the list to make me the only subscriber. I then took the original troublesome post and submitted it with the approval password, slicing off lines in the post until it distributed, and then seeing what that last line contained. In the particular instance I worked with it was actually two lines of text that caused trouble:

"Paxton's 40-year career. A two-time Grammy® nominee, he has received the"
"Tafelmusik of Toronto and Concerto Köln in addition to other early and"

Please note the "®" and "ö" in these two lines. Once I removed those characters, the message went out to the list as expected.
I asked my moderator to please paste the contents of future posts into Wordpad and then cut and past THAT into Pine for submission. This seems to remove most of the special characters like this.

DL> What is your MTA, and version?  What version of majordomo are you running?

Sorry I neglected to mention this. Sendmail 8.13.4 (running on Debian 3.1).
Majordomow version is 1.94.5 with no patches that I can find/remember.

DL> Is your MTA configured to allow non-ASCII characters?

Good question. I have not altered the default settings in this particular area and can't find from SENDMAIL.ORG or Google what the default setting for non-ASCII charactersfor this version is. <pout>
Anyone happen to know?

DL> Is your global "" catching "TABOO" regular expressions?

	No, that portion of the file is still commented out.

DL> Is the problem specific to one list, or all your lists? Have you tried to DL> send a message with foreign characters to another list to be certain it is DL> not a configuration issue?

Using the two line of quoted text as a test message, I tested two of our lists. The special characters will go out as-is to the unmoderated list.
Using another moderated list as a test, the text would not distribute to the list, even with the correct password, until I removed the "®" and "ö" then it went out like a champ.
Please let me know if I can provide more info!


DL> Brett Charbeneau wrote:
DL> DL> > One of our MJ lists is a newsletter of sorts and has a moderator who
DL> > sends text to the list by cutting and pasting text from MS
DL> > FrontPage-prepared HTML pages.
DL> > Occasionally, this text contains characters from non-English sets -
DL> > mostly accented characters and such - which majordomo seems to choke on.
DL> > As long as these accents are in the text the message cannot be approved
DL> > for distribution. Once they are manually removed, the messages go out fine.
DL> > I originally asked the moderator to past her text into Notepad to
DL> > 'normalize' the text, and THEN cut and past into Pine for and MJ post,
DL> > but many of these characters seem to survive this.
DL> > Is there a way to force MJ to ignore these kinds of characters in
DL> > the body of a post?
DL> > DL> DL>

Brett Charbeneau
Network Administrator
Williamsburg Regional Library
7770 Croaker Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188-7064
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