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Subject: Re: Non-english character sets and moderated lists
From: Brett Charbeneau <brett @ wrl . org>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 09:27:49 -0400 (EDT)
To: Daniel Liston <dliston @ sonny . org>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
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On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Daniel Liston wrote:

DL> Since the characters came through the majordomo-users list
DL> successfully, also an unmoderated list, it appears we may
DL> have a bug in the code regarding moderating a list.  I am
DL> on vacation this week, and on a project in california the
DL> following week, but maybe another list member can help
DL> before then.  If not, I will see what I can do when I get
DL> back.

	Well, that's fantastic. =8^)
	No hurries - I think the Wordpad "washing" will hold my moderator for a 
while. I'm happy to offer up the conf files for these lists to anyone 

DL> Have you experienced any other characters with the same problem, or is it 
DL> generally all characters higher than ASCII 127, (the extended ASCII set)?

	I haven't tried to find all the troublesome characters, I'm afraid. The 
example I listed was actually the first where I could isolate a pair of them.

Brett Charbeneau
Network Administrator
Williamsburg Regional Library
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Williamsburg, VA 23188-7064
(757)259-4079 (fax)    brett @
 NO-SPAMwrl .

DL> Brett Charbeneau wrote:
DL> > On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Daniel Liston wrote:
DL> > 
DL> > Hey Dan - thanks for the response!
DL> > 
DL> > DL> What have you done to troubleshoot this, ie. identify majordomo as the
DL> > DL> problem? 
DL> >     Well, the messages that won't distribute bounce back to the
DL> > moderator with "Approval required:" errors even though she used the
DL> > correct format and password for approved messages.
DL> >     In an attempt to troubleshoot I pared down the list to make me the
DL> > only subscriber. I then took the original troublesome post and submitted
DL> > it with the approval password, slicing off lines in the post until it
DL> > distributed, and then seeing what that last line contained. In the
DL> > particular instance I worked with it was actually two lines of text that
DL> > caused trouble:
DL> > 
DL> > "Paxton's 40-year career. A two-time Grammy® nominee, he has received the"
DL> > "Tafelmusik of Toronto and Concerto Köln in addition to other early and"
DL> > 
DL> >        Please note the "®" and "ö" in these two lines. Once I removed
DL> > those characters, the message went out to the list as expected.
DL> >     I asked my moderator to please paste the contents of future posts
DL> > into Wordpad and then cut and past THAT into Pine for submission. This
DL> > seems to remove most of the special characters like this.
DL> > 
DL> > DL> What is your MTA, and version?  What version of majordomo are you
DL> > running?
DL> > 
DL> >     Sorry I neglected to mention this.     Sendmail 8.13.4 (running on
DL> > Debian 3.1).
DL> >     Majordomow version is 1.94.5 with no patches that I can find/remember.
DL> > 
DL> > DL> Is your MTA configured to allow non-ASCII characters?
DL> > 
DL> >     Good question.     I have not altered the default settings in this
DL> > particular area and can't find from SENDMAIL.ORG or Google what the
DL> > default setting for non-ASCII charactersfor this version is.     <pout>
DL> >     Anyone happen to know?
DL> > 
DL> > DL> Is your global "" catching "TABOO" regular expressions? 
DL> >     No, that portion of the file is still commented out.
DL> > 
DL> > DL> Is the problem specific to one list, or all your lists? Have you
DL> > tried to DL> send a message with foreign characters to another list to
DL> > be certain it is DL> not a configuration issue?
DL> > 
DL> >     Using the two line of quoted text as a test message, I tested two of
DL> > our lists. The special characters will go out as-is to the unmoderated
DL> > list.
DL> >     Using another moderated list as a test, the text would not
DL> > distribute to the list, even with the correct password, until I removed
DL> > the "®" and "ö" then it went out like a champ.
DL> >     Please let me know if I can provide more info!
DL> > 
DL> > 
DL> > Brett
DL> > 
DL> > 
DL> > DL> Brett Charbeneau wrote:
DL> > DL> DL> >     One of our MJ lists is a newsletter of sorts and has a
DL> > moderator who
DL> > DL> > sends text to the list by cutting and pasting text from MS
DL> > DL> > FrontPage-prepared HTML pages.
DL> > DL> >     Occasionally, this text contains characters from non-English
DL> > sets -
DL> > DL> > mostly accented characters and such - which majordomo seems to
DL> > choke on.
DL> > DL> > As long as these accents are in the text the message cannot be
DL> > approved
DL> > DL> > for distribution. Once they are manually removed, the messages go
DL> > out fine.
DL> > DL> >     I originally asked the moderator to past her text into Notepad to
DL> > DL> > 'normalize' the text, and THEN cut and past into Pine for and MJ
DL> > post,
DL> > DL> > but many of these characters seem to survive this.
DL> > DL> >     Is there a way to force MJ to ignore these kinds of characters in
DL> > DL> > the body of a post?
DL> > DL> > DL> DL>


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