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(January 1995)

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Subject: LISTSERV --> Majordomo
From: GERMAN @ CERNVM . cern . ch
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 15:58:42 WET
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com


We are working on the migration of VM users to UNIX at CERN. As one of
our tasks, we have installed Majordomo in order to take care of all our
LISTSERV lists. As we have to move over 300 mailing lists, we'll welcome
any improvement in Majordomo-LISTSERV compatibility.

We want to present some thoughts to this group about allowing this

1) It would be nice to have, as in LISTSERV, the possibility to add a
   short comment to the list address, as a 'list full name'.
   We tried to implement this by adding a new parameter to the .config
   files and using the sendmail option -F in "resend" and "digest", but
   we failed: the new .config parameter is accepted but, by unknown
   reasons (to us), sendmail ignores -F option in those two scripts.

2) LISTSERV list files have the following format:

              * config_command
              * config_command
              email full_name
              email full_name

One cannot feed Majordomo with such a list, as it takes each line
or comma_separated text as a subscriber. We would like Majordomo to be
able to ignore 'comment lines' beginning with '*' and interpret 'email
full_name' lines as 'full_name <email>'.

3) The subscription command in LISTSERV expects the user name as 'email
   full_name'. Majordomo manages this format correctly, except for the
   welcome message and "Majordomo results" message: these are sent to
   email and each separate word in full_name as if they were different
   users, with unexpected results.

4) Another issue, independent of LISTSERV, with which we are somewhat
   uncomfortable, is the rigidity of Majordomo when managing addresses
   for (un)subscriptions. If my address is, why
   can't I unsubscribe simply with

       unsubscribe list_name

   if I subscribed with

       subscribe list_name German Fernandez <>

   (or vice-versa)?

Thank you very much for your attention.

                                Miguel Marquina & German Fernandez
                                UNIX Migration Task Force
                                European Laboratory for Nuclear Research
                                Geneve - Switzerland

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