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Subject: Changes to resend
From: "Leland K. Neely" <lkn @ llnl . gov>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 95 9:15:10 PST
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com
Cc: lkn @ aisdb1 . llnl . gov
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]

I just installed Majordomo-1.93 and got involved changing resend

I had a couple of features that were requested and I thought I would
share them, and the code if appropriate. (If I munge etiquite, flames
to /dev/null)

The changes are this:
1) We had a request to make a list that would be for announcement-only
    We had a recent problem with a large email list where users were not
    checking the To: for the replys, and inadvertantly sending mail
    to the entire list.  (And they claim that it was MY problem!!)
    Create a pair of  option and config flgags: -N and -n 
    nonreply and nonreply_listtitl
    nonreply is boolean, and when set to yes causes the To: lines
         to be replaced with To: Subscribers@opt_h ($listtitle)
    nonreply_listtitl is a string and if defined is used as $listtitle
         if not defined, nonreply uses $opt_l

   I didn't want users to be able to determine the outgoing listname
   for resend, and with the new config file, a separate .resend file
   seemed redundant. The new config is GREAT!! 
   1) Remove the requirement for -h 
      if not defined, it defaults to the localhost.
   2) add an option to the config file outgoing_list  
   outgoing_list is a string (so multiple lists are possible)
   I mapped this to opt_O, wich can take an argument,
    thus, if you have a list test, you have several options:
     resend @path/to/test.resend
     resend -l test -h host test-outgoing
     resend -l test -O test-outgoing
     resend -l test 
       and in test.config: outgoing_list = test-outgoing

IN summary: I required myself to make sure that the old code still worked,
            as well as my new features, and I am willing to pass back the
            changes, or complete code.

   _______                                              ______________
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