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Subject: Majordomo coredumping
From: Basket Case <jon @ technix . org>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:56:49 -0500 (EST)
To: Freebsd Questions <freebsd-questions @ freebsd . org>
Cc: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com

Ive been trying to setup majordomo with little or no avail.  When Majordomo
is running -- when I send it asking for help, it replies just fine.  But when
I ask to be subscribed to any list or do anything with Majordomo, it decides
to take a core for some odd reason.  Here are is the bug that appears 
when I run Majordomo (v 1.9.3 with fbsd)

here's what happens when I send a msg with the body of 'lists' command on it:
---------------------------------- begin email reply from majordomo

>>>> lists
majordomo serves the following lists:

---------------------------------- end email reply from majordomo
 (It sometimes list a few things, 
sometimes not.  For instance, what happened right before I got this email --
the coredump message)

----------------------------- begin coredump message
This is a MIME-encapsulated message


The original message was received at Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:45:10 -0500
from jon@localhost

   ----- The following addresses had delivery problems -----
"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper majordomo"  (unrecoverable error)
    (expanded from: Majordomo)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Message delivered to mailing list Majordomo
Memory fault - core dumped
554 "|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper majordomo"... unknown mailer error 139

   ----- Original message follows -----

Content-Type: message/rfc822

Return-Path: jon
Received: (from jon@localhost) by (8.6.12/8.6.12) id AAA00714 for Majordomo; Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:45:10 -0500
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:45:10 -0500
From: Basket Case <jon>
Message-Id: <>
To: Majordomo


----------------------------------- end coredump message

The problems I get are similar to this when i try to perform any other 
command.  I believe I have everything setup properly -- my config file is:

---------------------------------------- begin
# $whereami -- What machine am I running on?
$whereami = "";

# $whoami -- Who do users send requests to me as?
$whoami = "majordomo@$whereami";

# $whoami_owner -- Who is the owner of the above, in case of problems?
$whoami_owner = "majordomo-owner@$whereami";

# $homedir -- Where can I find my extra .pl files, like
# the environment variable HOME is set by the wrapper
$homedir = "/usr/home/majordom/bin";

# $listdir -- Where are the mailing lists?
$listdir = "/usr/home/majordom/bin/lists";

# $digest_work_dir -- the parent directory for digest's queue area
# Each list must have a subdirectory under this directory in order for
# digest to work. E.G. The bblisa list would use:
# 	/usr/local/mail/digest/bblisa
# as its directory.
$digest_work_dir = '/usr/home/majordom/bin/digest';

# $log -- Where do I write my log?
$log = "$homedir/Log";

# $mailer -- What program and args do I use to send mail?
# The variable $to can be interpolated into this command line,
# however the $to variable is provided by the person sending mail,
# and much mischief can be had by playing with this variable.
# Use $to with care.
$mailer = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -f\$sender -t";

# Majordomo will look for "get" and "index" files related to $list in
# directory "$filedir/$list$filedir_suffix", so set $filedir and
# $filedir_suffix appropriately.  For instance, to look in
# /usr/local/mail/files/$list, use:
#   $filedir = "/usr/local/mail/files";
#   $filedir_suffix = "";		# empty string
# or to look in $listdir/$list.archive, use:
#   $filedir = "$listdir";
#   $filedir_suffix = ".archive";

$filedir = "$listdir";
$filedir_suffix = ".archive";

# What command should I use to process an "index" request?
$index_command = "/bin/ls -lRL";

# If you want to use FTPMAIL, rather than local access, for file transfer
# and access, define the following:
#   $ftpmail_address = "";
#   $ftpmail_location = "FTP.$whereami";

# if you want the subject of the request to be included as part of the
# subject of the reply (useful when automatically testing, or submitting
# multiple command sets), set $return_subject to 1.
$return_subject = 1;

# If you are using majordomo at the -request address, set the
# following variable to 1. This affects the welcome message that is
# sent to a new subscriber as well as the help text that is generated.
$majordomo_request = 0;

# Set the umask for the process. Used to set default file status for
# config file.

# the safe locations for archive directories. This should be defined as
# a series of root anchored directory paths as will be used as prefixes
# to the file names specified to the script.
@archive_dirs = ( "/spool/archive/bblisa", "/usr/spool/archive/firewalls" );

# Set this to 1 if you want to use the experimental mechanism for allowing
# / in user names. People with lots of X.400 addresses on their lists or
# HP mail whatever may want to set this. However use it at your own risk.
$analyze_slash_in_address = 0;

# these tune the experimental matching that is done for addresses with / in
# them. If you haven't turned on the experimental analyze_slash_in_address
# they are ignored. See the source for full explanation of these variables.
# if set to 1 ignore the requirement that addresses have an @ sign in the
# address component after the last /.
# if set to 1 do not look for "/c=" and "/ad=" or "/am=" in the address.
# X.400 seems to require these components.

# $Header: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/,v 1995/01/07 17:35:03 rouilj Exp $
---------------------------------- end

the perms are:
-rwsr-xr-x root majordom  12967 ... wrapper
-rwxr-xr-x majordom majordom 42524 ... majordomo

-rw-rw-r-- in ~/bin/lists for users,, users.config,,
                              users.passwd and users.private
-rwxrwxr-x for the dir of ~/bin/lists

---------------------------------- begin alias file
# Majordomo aliases
majordomo-owner:	jon
Majordomo-Owner:	jon
Owner-Majordomo:	jon
owner-majordomo:	jon
majordomo:	"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper majordomo"
Majordomo:	"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper majordomo"
MAJORDOMO:	"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper majordomo"

owner-users:		jon
users-owner:		owner-users
users-approval:		owner-users
users: :include:/usr/home/majordom/bin/lists/users
#users:	"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper new-list users"
#users:		"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper resend -M 10000 -R -l users -f users-owner -h users-outgoing"
owner-users-outoing:	owner-users
users-archive:		/usr/home/majordom/bin/archive/users/users
owner-users-archive:	owner-users
users-request:	"|/usr/home/majordom/bin/wrapper request-answer users"
owner-users-request:	owner-users
----------------------------------------- end aliases file

Ive tried combinations of users with little or no luck... 

for further info, here's the makefile 
---------------------------------------- begin makefile
# $Source: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/Makefile,v $
# $Revision: $
# $Date: 1995/01/07 18:06:48 $
# $Author: rouilj $
# $State: Exp $
# $Header: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/Makefile,v 1995/01/07 18:06:48 rouilj Exp $
# $Locker:  $

# this makefile installs the following structure for the bsd universe:
# (root is W_BIN below)
#    root -+--          -- actual majordomo scripts, libraries etc 
#	   +-- Tools    -- tools like archive
#	   +-- bin      -- user level tools, approve, bounce etc
#	   +-- man      -- man pages

# This is where "wrapper" looks for the programs it's supposed to run.

# This is the environment that (along with LOGNAME and USER inherited from the
# parent process, and without the leading "W_" in the variable names) gets
# passed to processes run by "wrapper"


# Use these settings for BSD-based systems, including SunOS 4.x.  If you're
# using a POSIX-compliant system (including SysV and BSDI), comment these
# settings out, and uncomment the POSIX settings below.

# If you're using a POSIX-compliant system, uncomment this set of parameters
# and comment out the BSD settings above.
W_UID = 1025
W_GID = 1025

# For those stupid machines that try to use csh
SHELL = /bin/sh

default: wrapper

install: install-scripts install-man
	@echo "Run 'make install-wrapper' as root"

install-wrapper: wrapper
	cp wrapper       $(W_BIN)/wrapper
	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/wrapper
	chmod ${W_CHMOD} $(W_BIN)/wrapper

install-scripts: install-cf
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/Tools || mkdir $(W_BIN)/Tools
	cp contrib/  $(W_BIN)/Tools
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/bin || mkdir $(W_BIN)/bin
	cp approve bounce medit $(W_BIN)/bin
	cp bounce-remind majordomo \\
	   new-list request-answer resend resend.README \
	   digest/digest test \

# the target will install the sample config file in the
# proper place unless a file exists in whcih case the
# file will be used.
	(test ! -f  && echo "using" && \
		cp $(W_BIN)/; exit 0)

	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man/man1 || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man/man1
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man/man8 || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man/man8
	cp Doc/man/approve.1 $(W_BIN)/man/man1
	cp Doc/man/majordomo.8 $(W_BIN)/man/man8

install-shared: install-wrapper-shared install-scripts

install-wrapper-shared: wrapper
	@test -d $(W_BIN)/wrappers || mkdir $(W_BIN)/wrappers
	@test -d $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP) || mkdir $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)
	strip wrapper
	cp wrapper $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`
	cp $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper
	@echo 'run make permissions-shared' as root to set permissions

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`
	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/.
	chmod ${W_CHMOD} $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`

wrapper: wrapper.c Makefile
	$(CC) ${WRAPPER_FLAGS} -o wrapper wrapper.c

	rm -f  wrapper *~

dist-clean: clean
	rm -f .cvsignore todo.local .dcl archive
	rm -rf regress Doc/samples Tools

distribution: dist-clean
	mkdir majordomo-$(VERSION)
	mv * .??* majordomo-$(VERSION) || exit 0
	rm -rf majordomo-$(VERSION)/CVS majordomo-$(VERSION)/*/CVS majordomo-$(VERSION)/*/*/CVS
	tar -cZvf majordomo-$(VERSION).tar.Z  majordomo-$(VERSION)
------------------------ END Makefile

Sorry for flooding with a long email but I felt this would help solve the 
problems that I am having by exhibiting everything.  Ive tried for a few 
days to solve the coredump problem with little or no luck.  Any help 
would be appreciated!


=--------------------------------Basket Case----------------------------------=
= E-Mail:        - Computer Science  - C/C++/Pascal/Basic/ASM =
= WWW: - Systems Administrator - FreeBSD 2.1.0 SNAP =

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