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Subject: Re: Desireable changes to maillist programs
From: Chan Wilson <cwilson @ slurp . neu . sgi . com>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 10:58:17 +0100
To: wadenelson @ frontier . net (Wade H. Nelson)
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In-reply-to: Your message of "Sun, 14 Jan 1996 17:24:23 MST." <v01520d00ad1f3159cfa6@[]>

Executive Reply:  

	Majordomo does all the things you write about.  

Long Winded Reply:

> >The fact is, subscribers, by the thousands each day, already DO try and
> >unsubscribe from
> > majordomo and listserv based lists by posting to the list. So lets make
> >the programs
> > work that way. That's intutive, isn't it?

Uh, Majordomo already does this.  Turn "administravia" on for the
desired list, and it will catch those messages before they go out to
the list.

> Going even one step further, majordomo would inspect the first line of
> emails for the keywords "Please unsubscribe me", since this seems to be the
> most common rookie cry for help.  Actually, the "please" is superfluous;
> the keyword UNSUBSCRIBE anywhere in the first line of the email, upper or
> lower case or mixed,  would be enough to get them removed from the list,
> and sent an email confirming that fact.

Yes, it does exactly this.

> Majordomo and other programs, in my opinion, should offer an easy, default
> 20K/daily (whichever comes first) digest mode for ALL lists set up
> thereupon.   A single email address, which gets you subscribed (at least
> initially) to a 20K size limited, daily digest seems to me the best plan
> for reducing maillist chaos.

Well, yes, that's *your* opinion.  :)  Majordomo *does* have a digest
option, and the list owner *can* set the list up that way.

> A major netiquette faux pas rookies commit is uploading files to maillists.
> In my opinion, the majordomo default should prevent uploaded attachments
> from being re-distributed to the entire list, or else send folks an email

Mj has a per-list size limit to catch exactly these problems.

> My last suggestion concerns "Send $100 for Urkranian Brides" message that
> got spammed to so many maillists last year.   A new feature that would
> require new list subscribers to lurk before they post (x days, xK,
> xdigests, xemails, whatever)  would prevent such spamming.  This could be
> something the mail list "mom" could decide; how long new users had to lurk
> before posting, if at all.

Yes, the "Ogla Spam" resulted in the creation of Majordomo
"taboo_headers" and "taboo_body" which can catch anything the list
owner cares to.

> Lastly.
> I've done all I can possibly do to try and "educate" rookies how they
> SHOULD interface with maillist programs, just so I personally don't have to
> read so darned many "Please Unsubscribe Me's"  I even begged AOL to let me
> re-write their maillist instrucctions. No go.

Presuming you used Majordomo, you wouldn't have these (and other)

And lest I come off sounding like a high falutin' snothead, just
because Majordomo *does* all these things doesn't mean it's perfect.
There are several areas that need improvement, such as list
administration, digestification (burp!) and general "user interface"

	 Chan Wilson  ---  ---  +4138-433-760
	      Silicon Graphics, SA.  Cortaillod, Switzerland.
     "Network Analyst"  &&  Irix Guru  &&  Gravitational Engineer

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