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Subject: New INSTALL file
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ hpc . uh . edu>
Date: 02 Dec 1996 00:44:53 -0600
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com

I went ahead and updated the INSTALL file for 1.94.1.  In particular, I:

Updated the version number.
Included more information of what needs to be changed in the Makefile.
Changed information on checking for new variables: config-test can now only
  be run under wrapper, so it can only be run after the installation is
  complete (not before, as documented).
Emphasized that make install must be done by root or Majordomo user.
Documented necessity of make install-wrapper (previously undocumented).
Emphasized that config-test must be run under wrapper and by an
  unprivileged user,
Documented registration info.
Documented extra argument specifying alternate configuration file to check.
Documented extra alias file when using M4 configs with Sendmail.
Fixed a few typos.

Here's the new file.  The patch is larger than the file, so I'm not
including it.

 - J<

	      _  _ ____  _ ____ ____ ___  ____ _  _ ____
	      |\/| |__|  | |  | |__/ |  \ |  | |\/| |  |
	      |  | |  | _| |__| |  \ |__/ |__| |  | |__|

		           Release 1.94.1

-> Current users of Majordomo whom are upgrading will want to    <--
-> read the Changelog for details on what has changed between    <--
-> versions of Majordomo.				         <--

-> Several new variables have been added to, so check  <--
-> it out and merge your existing with the supplied <--
->							 <--

Steps to install Majordomo:

1) Pick a group and user ID for Majordomo to run under.  Usually this
   is "majordomo.daemon".  If you're this group, you can do all the
   majordomo management functions (creating new lists, etc.) without
   having to "su" to Majordomo.  You can create and use a group id
   other than "daemon" if you want, but if you do, that UID needs to
   be a "trusted" user as far as Sendmail is concerned (i.e., the user
   name needs to appear on a "T" line in your file).

2) Choose a directory for Majordomo to install under.

3) Edit the Makefile, defining where Perl and the C compiler are, the
   Majordomo home directory, the location of the manual pages, the user and
   group that Majordomo will run under, and the permissions for the various
   files and directories.
   If running on a non-POSIX system, comment out the POSIX SECTION in the
   Makefile.  Under POSIX, wrapper must be setuid "root", even if the
   programs will be running as something other than "root" (i.e.,
   "daemon"), or it won't work.  The symptom of this is that Perl starts
   bitching about security violations and "unsafe usages".

4) Edit 

   If this is a new install, copy to first.

   This .cf file is "require"ed into majordomo, so it needs to be valid
   Perl.  Here are the important variables to set:

    $whereami		What machine am I on?
    $whoami		Who do users send requests to me as?
    $whoami_owner	Who is the owner of the above, for problems?
    $homedir		Where can I find my extra .pl files?
    $listdir		Where are the mailing lists?
    $log		Where do I write my log?
    $sendmail_command   Where the sendmail program resides.
    $mailer		What program and args do I use to send mail to the
    $bounce_mailer      What program and args do I use to send administrative

   If this is an upgrade, examine for new configuration 
   variables to place in your existing  Alternately, running
   config-test after the installation is complete will show all the
   variables that are missing.

5) Do a 'make wrapper' to verify that the wrapper program compiles

6) Do a 'make install' to install the Majordomo programs.  This must be
   done either as root or as the Majordomo user in order to properly set
   the ownership of the various files and directories.

7) Do a 'make install-wrapper' as root to install the wrapper.  This must
   be done as root because wrapper must be installed setuid and on POSIX
   systems must be owned by root.  The wrapper takes care to severely
   restrict the programs which may be run by it and further restricts the
   environment those programs run with.

8) Chdir to the Majordomo home and (as a regular, unprivileged user, not
   the Majordomo user or root) run the configuration test script:

      % cd /path/to/majordomo
      % ./wrapper config-test

   This should check for the proper configuration of Majordomo. Fix
   any errors, and run again.  When the process is complete and there are
   no errors, config-test will offer to register your installation of
   Majordomo by sending information on your operating system, your Perl
   version, and the address of the Majordomo owner to the Majordomo
   maintainers.  A copy of the message will also be sent to the Majordomo
   owner at your site.

   Note that if you have a setup which uses more than one configuration
   file, you can have config-test check them by calling it with the name of
   an alternate configuration file, like so:

      % ./wrapper config-test

9) Add the majordomo-related aliases to your Sendmail alias file.
   This can either be /etc/aliases, or if you are using a more recent
   version of Sendmail (8.6 or above) a cleaner approach is to add an
   alias file specifically for Majordomo aliases by adding another
   "OA" line to /etc/


   If you use the M4 configuration system of recent sendmails, you can add
   the following line to your .mc file to achieve the same effect:


   Whichever method chosen, add the following aliases for Majordomo

    majordomo: "|/path/to/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"
    owner-majordomo: you,
    majordomo-owner: you

   Note the program name (majordomo) after wrapper must not be a full path
   name.  Also look at 'sample.aliases' for additional examples.

10) Test the configuration again by creating an empty file 'test' in
   $listdir, and issue a 'lists' command to Majordomo:

      % touch /path/to/majordomo/lists/test
      % echo 'lists' | mail majordomo

   If everything is working correctly, you should get a message back
   from Majordomo, and not Mailer-Daemon.

That's it!  To create new lists, read the NEWLIST file.

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