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Subject: Re: config_parse questions for 1.95
From: "Alan Millar" <amillar @ bolis . com>
Organization: The Bolis Group
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 01:13:07 -800
To: majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM
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On 13 Dec 96 at 8:57, Dave Wolfe wrote:
> But what's the value of identical or even similar syntax when the
> semantics are different?

I agree identical syntax would be confusing, but I don't think 
similar syntax necessarily would.

>     configuration list password option=setting
>     newconfig list password
> do somewhat similar things on two different MLMs, or that:

Somewhat similar, in the broad definition of "somewhat".  However, 
they are very dissimilar in that the first one can change one setting 
without harming others, while the second one will change ALL options 
even when you only want to change one.

>     configuration list password option=setting
>     configuration list password option=setting
> do somewhat similar (but in actuality different) things on two different
> MLMs? Where there is true duplication of functionality, duplication of
> i/f is desirable (l&f issues aside), but when functionality differs, a
> distinct i/f is desirable.

The "option=setting" entries will nearly always be different between
two MLMs, and as such I could live with the command name being
different too.

However, that doesn't mean we need to throw out the general 
structure of putting the command name, list name, password, option 
name and new value one one line, which I think is useful.

We don't make list owners retrieve the entire subscriber list, edit 
it to add or remove someone and then resubmit the entire thing!

- Alan
Alan Millar        
Owner, System Admin
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