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(December 1996)

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Subject: Progress report
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ hpc . uh . edu>
Date: 21 Dec 1996 13:52:06 -0600
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com

Well, the new parser is half written.  Unfortunately I've run into what
will become somewhat of a problem: not wanting to figure out the semantics
of the internal mail and header parsing functions (and having too weak a
stomach to look at them for long periods of time) I took the cheap way out
and wrote "use MIME::Parser".  Now I have something that, for the moment,
behaves almost exactly like the old Majordomo parser except for the fact
that it transparently deals with base64 and quoted-printable and will
process each text/plain piece of a multipart message.  Recursively.

Now I think that all of the interesting stuff can be ripped out and
replaced with boring stuff that works with perl4.  I haven't gone out of my
way to avoid using perl5isms, but I have yet to use any of the really
useful stuff like complex data structures so it _should_ be possible to
make it all perl4 compatible.

The problem is this: I know people want this functionality.  It would be a
shame to have to tear it out because of the backwards compatibility

I'd be inclined to say 1.94.x is it and either require perl5 for 1.95 or
just call it 2.0 and get on with it.  It doesn't really matter to me,
though if I knew I didn't have to worry about perl4 I could just go ahead
and use complex data structures and be done with it.  It would be nice to
know how many of the registered sites are using perl4.

Anyway, I'll keep coding, but I just wanted to throw this tidbit out there.

 - J<

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