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Subject: Re: Even more musings
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ hpc . uh . edu>
Date: 31 Dec 1996 12:37:37 -0600
To: Dave Wolfe <david_wolfe @ risc . sps . mot . com>
Cc: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: Dave Wolfe's message of Tue, 31 Dec 1996 12:12:22 -0600 (CST)
References: <>

>>>>> "DW" == Dave Wolfe <> writes:

DW> Then all we need is to grab the top-level node from the requester's
DW> domain for a file extension and we have:

[Messages in different languages for different domains]

Wow.  That's a neat application.  It would be really impressive if this all
works out to be possible.

DW> Between assumed directories, remote management of arbitrary files, and
DW> list compartmentalization, I worry about common files between lists,

That's a tough one.  Allowing absolute pathnames is out, too.  Stuffing it
all in together is a reasonably bad idea, especially if you don't have any
kind of access mechanism to prevent one list owner from playing with he
files of another list.  We could be rigid and define only a set number of
files for each list, but that doesn't address any sharing issues.

Perhaps the solution lies in using symlinks, with a list owner giving files
to other lists equating to the action of making a link.

 - J<

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