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Subject: Re: Special characters in the digest
From: relph @ mando . engr . sgi . com (John Relph)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 12:05:52 -0800
To: majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: Nick Perry <nick @ aboard . co . uk>, michael @ Esosoft . com (Michael Tratz)
In-reply-to: Nick Perry <> "Re: Special characters in the digest" (Jan 16, 9:42)
References: <>
Reply-to: relph @ sgi . com

>> But these characters get replaced in the digest version of its list with
>> other characters. 
>This is because digest strips all the headers identifying the coding
>scheme used in each email.  It has to do this because a digest may well
>consist of emails that use conflicting schemes, Quote Printable, 8 bit
>etc, which it couldn't reasonably combine unless it decoded each 
>constituent message into some common format then re-encoded them all
>into the same (configurable) format.. this is undoubtably desirable,
>but some way off.  Jason Tibbetts says he has a version of resent that
>attempts to decode certain MIME types... this sort of matter is discussed
>on majordomo-workers.

I have written a digestifier that can decode MIME types.  It converts
everything to text/plain, substituting the closest ASCII if possible.
Binary MIME messages and attachments are ignored.  It doesn't work
within the automatic Majordomo framework, but is easily used with
Majordomo.  I use the package to build digests for four different
lists (including Chalkhills and Poi-Pounders), and it is also used by
a few other list managers for their digests (including Elephant-Talk
and TMBG-list).

If you are interested in checking out this digestifier, please let me
know.  Online doc can be had at 

I've had vague thoughts about trying to integrate this digestifier
with Majordomo, but since it already works for me, I've let it slide.

	-- John

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