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Subject: Re: MajorDumbo help file (insert smiley here)
From: Arnaud Taddei <Arnaud . Taddei @ cern . ch>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 17:28:46 +0100 (MET)
To: Merrill Cook <mcook @ pcusa01 . ecunet . org>
Cc: majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>

Thanks Merrill, I was not aware of such problem with people putting
"wrong" addresses. In fact, at CERN we don't have this problem too much
because we recommend people to use Generic Addresses (GEM in our jargon)

Moreover, we keep updated an "address closure" table which contains user
information and in particular all the centrllay managed combinations of
login_id and host machine + a secondary cluster table for cluster

So, my entry in this table looks like:

We are then using this table to "normalise" mailing lists and to improve
the validation mechanism (make it more friendly).

We are maintaining 600 mailing lists (with 1 to 2000 members) per list.
Some mailing lists are automatically generated from our Central Registry

All of this contributed to improve the user friendliness and to limit the
number of errors.


On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Merrill Cook wrote:

> >From Arnaud Taddei:
> > 
> > I strongly support Bill's point of view. We are developing a web
> > interface at CERN as this is a _clear_ user requirement ... and if you
> > don't want to write a Web interface that's your problem. At least could it
> > be possible that we get a majordomo library of functions in such a way
> > that we are not forced to show up the results via a mail message but with
> > a Web page. That would help us A LOT.
> Our experience with a Web interface was that it caused lots more
> work for the list-owner, since most folks haven't a clue what
> their email address is, or they put in a shortcut address that
> bears no resemblence to the address on their mail headers (if they
> have one <sigh>) so they can't unsubscribe or post if
> restrict_post is set.  So with a Web interface:
> 1) you have to confirm that the email address entered really is a
> valid address
> 2) you have to confirm that the person at that address really
> wants to be on the list
> 3) you have to maximize your chances that the address subscribed
> will match what's on their headers for retrict_post or unsubscribe
> type things.
> If you want to go for a full web interface for unsubscribe and all
> the rest, that's okay too, as long as you don't make "pick your
> address from the following" the default way of operating.  Most
> lists won't want people (even if they know a password or are on
> our side of the firewall) having access to all the addresses on
> the list -- so you need some other way of helping people remember
> what address they used to subscribe.
> It's a valid goal, we just need to work through all these
> problems.
> -- 
>   Regards,
>   Merrill Cook 
>   Louisville KY 
>     or MERRILL COOK on Ecunet/PresbyNet
>       -+-

Arnaud Taddei		tel:  +41 22 767 9349
CN Division  513 1-019	fax:  +41 22 767 7155
CERN			mail:
CH-1211 Geneve 23	URL:

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