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(January 1997)

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From: Chi_Hong @ BAYLOR . EDU
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:48:23 -0600
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Dear Friends,

Have you ever dreamed of making a lot of money from the Internet? I always think 
of that but I don't know how.

By the way, recently I've received so many emails describing so called 
no-risk""MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES" over the INTERNET (I don't know whether 
they are really without risk. Just the senders say so.)

Just for the purpose of fun, I enclose one of these mails at below. ATTENTION 
PLEASE!!! I really don't know whether sending these emails are legal or not. I 
repeat, I enclose it just for fun and somehow to illustrate how this crazy world 
of Internet Community is going on :) 


Chi Hong   


The following is one of the emails I've received yesterday. I intentionally 
deleted the sender's name. I enclose this email just for fun and not responsible 
for the content:- 

Subj:	re: Real Cash


You're going to be delighted that you answered this ad.  You requested
information because you want to make money with your computer.  With over 20
thousand new onliners, and all the people who got PC's for Christmas, it is
the perfect time to start!  If you are like me and need money fast to pay
bills then please read on.  I'm sure you've seen a lot of ads only and wonder
if any of them are for real.  In actual fact, most of them are.  I've tried a
few and have made some money, but there was a lot of expense too.  NOT HERE!

You must do the following two things to make this work:
     1.  You must ADVERTISE everywhere you can online (This is actually fun).
           a.  You might want a Web Page - I can provide one for you for
           b.  You may advertise in the newspaper.
           c.  You may give this opportunity to friends.

     2.  Be Patient!  It takes 3 to 4 weeks really get up and going and start
getting replies in the mail.  BUT THE                     	MONEY DOES COME.

In just a second, youíll discover a PROVEN way to turn your computer into a
true Desk Top Money Machine.  REMEMBER:  ìSuccessful people do what
unsuccessful people donít do."
If you want to make a few thousand dollars weekly, then please take the time
to read this carefully and understand the Program that Iím sharing with you.
 No, itís not what you think!  You will not have to send $5 to five people
for a report or a recipe, or any other product and then later invest more
time and money to get things going.  I will show you proof that it works!

First of all, there are only three levels, not four or five, like other
programs.  This three level program is more realistic and much faster to
operate.  The response rate for this program is very high!  (I had over 150
responses the first two days I started this.)

Hereís proof.  The originator of this program regularly makes money with it.
 It has worked very well for her each time that she used it.  Cindy Allen ran
this loan summation four times last year.  The first time she received $3,000
in cash and over $7,000 the last three times.  When the letter is continued,
as it should be, everyone profits!!!

You only need 20 responses (not 200 or more as in other programs).  You
should send this to people who send you their programs because you know that
yours is better and faster.  Even if you are already in a program, try this
one.  Itís simple, it only has this short document to e-mail and it is a very
small investment compared to other programs that cost you hundreds of dollars
to get started.

Thanks for ready this here are the simple details!!!


Just loan one person $5.00, that is all!!  I can see the smile on their face
now.  Don't worry about finance charges or repaying the money.  After the
first time, you'll see how easy it is.  And it does work!  (It's like loaning
to your relatives, you know they wonít pay you back but you don't care
because your generosity always gets repaid)


1.  On a blank sheet of paper, write the date, your name and address and the 

"Here is your loan. Repay me ten years later with interest at 0% per annum"  

Wrap the note around a $5.00 bill.  Send this to the first name on the list 
below.  Only the first person on the list gets your
name a five dollar loan.  (NOTE:  Loans are not counted as taxable income.
 When you receive your loans, be sure to keep the notes for your tax
records.)  Make sure the five dollar bill cannot be seen through the

2.  Copy this whole file to use as a download file.  Change the name and
address list only.

3.  Remove the first person's name from the list.

4.  Move the other two names up one and,

5.  Add your name and address to the list in the third position.

6.  If you want to use the introduction, page 1, you may use it and make any
needed changes that you see fit.

Pam Sledge
P. O. Box 1126
Germantown, MD  20875-1126

David L. Scott
PO. Box 6012
Waco, TX 76706

Shimon Halavi
Apt. 205
45 Park Place South
Morristown, NJ 07960

ACT FAST.........GET MONEY FAST!!!  This isn't "Snail Mail" - we are online
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