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Subject: MailMan
From: Bill Houle <bhoule @ sparc . sandiegoca . ncr . com>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 15:17:54 -0700 (PDT)
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com

I saw a reference to the "GNU Mailing List Manager" in the upcoming
USENIX/LISA'98 conference presentations. Hadn't heard of it before,
but a quick search turned up The product is 
beta and a 1.0 release, but here's the feature list:

  o	Most standard mailing list features, including list moderation,
	mail based commands, digests, and so on. 

  o	An extensive web-based user interface that is customizable on a
	per-list basis. 

  o	A web-based list administration interface for all admin-type
	tasks, including list configuration, moderation, and so on. 

  o	Automatic web-based hypermail-style archiving, including 
	provisions for private archives. 

  o	Integrated mail list to newsgroup gatewaying. 
  	Integrated newsgroup to mail list gatewaying. 

  o	Smart bounce detection and correction. 

  o	Integrated fast bulk mailing (useful for sendmail users). 

  o	Smart spam protection. 

  o	Multiple list owners and moderators are possible. 

  o	Optional (per-user) MIME-compliant digests. 

  o	Nice about which machine you subscribed from if you're from the
	right domain. 

All in all, its in line with what we already planned with Mj2. 
Auto-hyper-archiving is basically an integrated Wilma. Norbert's got
the bounce processing covered. MIME. Bulk mailer. etc.

I like the integrated mail2news -- this was mainly what I was aiming
for with my "virtual lists" concept discussed last week.

I'll check out the web part and see how its customization compares
to MajorCool.


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