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Subject: RE: Help?
From: "Jamie Tomlinson" <jamie @ internest-pub . com>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 16:34:48 -0500
To: "Robert Harris" <Robert . Harris @ gwl . com>, <Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM>, <majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM>
Importance: Normal
In-reply-to: <>

>I have an alias set up that reads:
>jobline: "|/usr2/shell/majordomo/wrapper jobline"
>There is no "jobline" file in /usr2/shell/majordomo.

you have solved your own problem.. *smile*  First, by having an alias called
"jobline" I'll assume that it is the name of your list.

When mail is received for "jobline", sendmail (or whatever mta you are
using) calles wrapper in the majordomo directory to run a script.. the
script you are currently specifiying is "jobline"..

what you PROBABLY want it to do is to resend the mail out to the list
"jobline".. in which case it should probably be listed as:

jobline:  "|usr2/shell/majordomo/wrapper resend -l jobline jobline-list

jobline-list should be set up as another alias which includes your jobline
listfile in the lists directory.  It should probably be set up as something

jobline-list:  :include:/usr2/shell/majordomo/lists/jobline

Hope this helps a bit...

Jamie Tomlinson
Internest Publishing

>-----Original Message-----
>From: majordomo-users-owner@GreatCircle.COM
>[mailto:majordomo-users-owner@GreatCircle.COM]On Behalf Of Robert Harris
>Sent: Monday, October 19, 1998 12:04 PM
>To: Majordomo-Users@GreatCircle.COM; majordomo-workers@GreatCircle.COM
>Subject: Help?
>I'm trying to set up a list and I'm getting this:
>rocky: {40} % ./wrapper jobline
>wrapper: Trying to exec /usr2/shell/majordomo/jobline failed: No such
>file or directory
>    Did you define PERL correctly in the Makefile?
>    HOME is HOME=/usr2/shell/majordomo,
>    PATH is PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb,
>    SHELL is SHELL=/bin/sh,
>    MAJORDOMO_CF is MAJORDOMO_CF=/usr2/shell/majordomo/
>I have an alias set up that reads:
>jobline: "|/usr2/shell/majordomo/wrapper jobline"
>There is no "jobline" file in /usr2/shell/majordomo.
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