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Subject: Re: Digests
From: Brock Rozen <brozen @ torah . org>
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 23:02:44 +0200 (IST)
To: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ hpc . uh . edu>
Cc: majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>
Reply-to: Brock Rozen <brozen @ torah . org>

On 8 Jan 1999, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

> How do people handle incrementing volume numbers?  I know issues increment
> automatically, but I suppose you have to increment the volume by yourself.
> I could do it automatically with some yearly event, but I doubt that
> everyone does it that way.  Ideas?

Well, we have 100 issues per volume. I'm sure people do it quarterly,
yearly or whatever. I would say this is the least of the issues -- and
should maybe wait for a release after the intial Mj2 release.

If you really want to do it, though, I would suggest the following:

Change by # of issues
Change by date (daily, weekly, monthly, # of weeks, # of months, yearly or
	a set date) -- more or less, lots of the same stuff in the digest
generation parameters that you discussed later in your message.

Maybe those parameters should just be the initial set, if it's easy for
you to reuse code.

I also liked Rgoer's idea of a "newvolume" command.

> Anyway, back to work.  This is in CVS and is somewhat tested.  Hint: if you
> want to see all of the digest, set your class to 'all' (set listname all).
> You'll get a huge pile of messages, though.

Question: Can a list-owner "force" the digest setting for all users? Let's
say I don't want digests to be used at all, or I want ONLY digests to be
used, is that possible? Then there's the interesting combination, *I* want
to receive digests and disallow any of the other subscribers from
receiving digests.


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