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Subject: Re: Deleting lists
From: Paul Keck <pkeck @ coe . uga . edu>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 19:46:10 -0400
To: majordomo-workers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>; from Jason L Tibbitts III on Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 10:03:38AM -0500
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If a lurker and MJ 1.9.x admin could chime in on this list removal issue-

I wrote an embarrassingly trivial "rmlist" perl script which copies all the
target list info, archives, etc. into a RemovedLists directory.  I like the
idea of not irrevocably deleting the list, since everyone makes mistakes on
occasion and it would be pretty annoying for a list admin to email, "Okay,
ready for you to delete my list elan6510!", have me do it, and then they
email back, "No wait, I meant elan6501!" Oops!  Guess I'll have to set it up
from scratch again, and have them resubscribe everyone, if they know who
everyone is.  My vote, if I get one, is for a "move to temp area" sort of
rmlist, and an unrmlist which could bring a list back from the brink.  And
maybe a "purge" sort of command to get rid of removed lists after a while.
Or make everyone do it with a cron "find" command.  :-)

The important subroutine from my crummy script, if I'm not being clear:

sub removeit {
  my $oldl = shift (@_);
  my $ripdir = "$removedlistsdir/$oldl";  #rest in peace
  mkdir $ripdir, 0700;
  mkdir "$ripdir/Archives", 0700;
  rename $oldl, "$ripdir/$oldl";
  rename "$oldl.config", "$ripdir/$oldl.config";
  rename "$", "$ripdir/$";
  rename "$oldl.passwd", "$ripdir/$oldl.passwd";
  rename "$oldl.intro", "$ripdir/$oldl.intro";
  rename "$oldl.old.config", "$ripdir/$oldl.old.config";

  #fix archive files now
  rename "$filedir/$oldl", "$ripdir/Archives/$oldl";
  print "Removed $oldl.  It now resides in $ripdir\n";

Just move the damn things over.  (I do the /etc/aliases by hand.  Told you
it was crummy!)

I haven't been on this list long enough to see if there is a "rename list"
in the works- I wrote a crummy script for that too.  :-)  Very handy, since
I was always forgetting to rename SOMETHING and MJ would hate me for it.

My $.02- keep up the good work!  Maybe someday soon I will set up MJ2 on a
test box and make some REAL contribution, rather than just pester you
hard-working types.
Paul Keck  
Univ. of Georgia- College of Education
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
    --Opinions mine, not OIT's.--         Go fighting anomalocaridids!!!

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