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Subject: Re: mj2 and qmail aliases
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ math . uh . edu>
Date: 02 Aug 1999 14:05:42 -0500
To: majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com, S P Arif Sahari Wibowo <arifsaha-lists @ parokinet . org>
In-reply-to: S P Arif Sahari Wibowo's message of "Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:03:49 -0500 (CDT)"
References: <>
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>>>>> "SPASW" == S P Arif Sahari Wibowo <> writes:

SPASW> Hi! I just started to try majordomo 2. I am appalled on learning how
SPASW> majordomo works with qmail aliases, that is, using
SPASW> qmail-default.

I don't use qmail, but this was discussed more than once and there was
general agreement between the qmail users that this was the appropriate
mechanism to use.

SPASW> Why the decission to use qmail-default?

Because all qmail users here agreed upon it and that was the code which was

SPASW> If I want to use the correct qmail-xx alias files, where should I
SPASW> make the changes? Is the is the only file to change?

You don't need to make any changes if you want to do the setup manually,
just tell the installer that you have an unsupported MTA.

If you actually want to support your method, I'm willing to take patches
but it would be nice to see a convincing argument as to why it's needed.
You'd need to add appropriate support in and to the

 - J<

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